Woods misses January ADICA payment

ALBANY -- City officials confirmed Monday that Lajuana Woods, the former Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority Board member, is late on a $5,000 payment to ADICA for January.

Woods, who was embroiled in the scandal surrounding former ADICA Executive Director Don Buie, had agreed to make monthly payments to ADICA until the $50,000 she was awarded in facade grants by Buie was paid back.

Interim ADICA Director James Taylor said Monday that the authority had not received January's $5,000 payment and had been given no notice by Woods.

"No, she has not made the payment for January," Taylor said. "We haven't had any contact with her, but I'll be sending out a letter to her tomorrow to tell her she's late."

Woods was late on a previous payment in November but made two payments in December to catch up, Taylor said.

January's payment was to be her first $5,000 payment. Under her agreement with ADICA, she was to make five monthly payments of $2,500 followed by monthly payments of $5,000 until the $50,000 was repaid in full.

Woods admitted to accepting a $50,000 facade grant from Buie to enhance her restaurant on Radium Springs Road, but was able to avoid prosecution by agreeing to step down from the ADICA board and make swift payments to the board.

Taylor said that if he doesn't get a response from Woods, City Attorney and interim ADICA Attorney Nathan Davis to issue a collection letter demanding the full remaining amount immediately.