MillerCoors executives tour Albany brewery

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY -- The top officials for MillerCoors toured the Albany brewery Wednesday, personally observing an ongoing multimillion-dollar expansion, authorities said.

At a time when industry CEOs have been forced to lay off employees, cut hours and salaries and spending, the MillerCoors board has funneled millions into the Albany brewery as it transitions to include production of the Coors line of beer, according to Nehl Horton, Chief MillerCoors Communications Officer.

The board, including Vice Chairman Peter Coors and SABMiller CEO Graham McKay, observed the work undertaken at the Albany brewery Wednesday.

"They wanted to get a first-hand look at their investments and meet the people who produce such high-quality products," Horton said.

Wednesday's visit is just the latest in a series of synergistic efforts by the company to increase productivity while maintaining quality for both brands.

Prior to last year, Miller Brewing Co. was a subsidiary of SAB Miller and was produced at six breweries across the country.

Coors was owned and operated by Molson Coors, which produced beer at two breweries in the U.S.

The two companies merged, creating the second-largest producer of beer in the country behind only Anheuser Busch.

In Albany, the brewery produces one of the widest variety of beer products in the company, pumping out more than 10 million barrels of beer each year with its 600 employees.

The infrastructure and equipment investments will allow the company to brew a line of Coors products at the facility in addition to their existing roster of beer, Horton said.

"Albany has a special place in the company, and the partnership between the company and the community has benefited everyone," Horton said.