Kitchen Inspections Feb. 7, 2010

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty County Environmental Health Office Jan. 27-Feb 2.

The department scores on a 100-point scale with a score of 80 or greater considered to be passing.

Businesses and Agencies inspected are required to post score sheets where the public can see them. To contact the health office, call (229) 438-3943.


Club Hollywood, 725 E. Broad Avenue

Score: 91

Notes: Observed beverage cooler interior -- no handwashing signs at all restrooms used by employees -- uncovered single service cups -- uncovered single service cups -- water leak on one of kitchen's two 3 compartment sink -- toilet facilities without paper towels, soap, no self closing doors -- Dumpster without the drain plug.

Deerfield Windsor Upper, 2301 Stuart Avenue

Score: 100

Monroe High School, 900 Lippitt Drive

Score: 100

Phoebe Putney Healthworks/Juice Bar, 311 Third Avenue

Score: 100


Cracker Barrel, 1114 N. Westover Blvd.

Score: 94

Notes: Observed utensils stored stacked wet -- trashcans with food not covered.

Albany High School, 801 Residence

Score: 97

Notes: Observed gaskets with slimy/mold-like build-up -- floor of walk in cooler needs repair.

Albany Technical College/Culinary Arts, 1705 S. Slappey

Score: 100

Starbucks Coffee, 2709 Meredyth Drive

Score: 95

Notes: Observed no hair restraint on food handling employee -- no lids on trash cans containing food.

TCBY, 2416 Dawson Road

Score: 100


Subway, 1103 N. Westover Blvd.

Score: 95

Notes: Observed sanitizer at 3 compartment sink too strong over 400 ppm -- latest copy of inspection not posted.

Charley B's, 2401 Dawson Road STE G

Score: 94

Notes: Observed mold on interior of ice machine -- floors unclean in bar area and in kitchen.

Captain D's, 1902 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 94

Notes: Observed wiping cloth chlorine sanitizing solution too strong at front counter -- wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses -- sanitizing solution not maintained clean at front counter -- no copy of latest inspection report posted at drive thru window -- ice scoop with handle in contact with ice -- equipment and utensils not properly air-dried before stacking.

GPL Food Services, 1209 W. Oakridge Drive

Score: 94

Notes: Observed interior of ice machine needs cleaning -- encrusted, soiled material on slicer.