UPDATE: School officials ask for independent outside review of CRCT testing

Wednesday, the Governor's Office of Student Achievement presented an audit of Criterion Reference Competency Tests that revealed higher-than-normal amounts of erasure marks on tests in 74 schools, including eight Dougherty County elementary schools.

The schools under scrutiny are Westtown, Jackson Heights, Northside, Martin Luther King, Turner, Alice Coachman, Morningside and Sherwood Acres.

Schools Superintendent Sally Whately is asking the Georgia Professional Standards Organization recommend a independent, outside entity review testing documents and findings in hopes of beginning a complete investigation, Spokesperson R.D. Harter said.

According to the report, Dougherty County had some of the highest levels of erasure iregularities in the state.

Westtown Elementary was flagged with 77 percent of their tests having higher-than-usual erasures on answers from wrong to right.

The statewide average, according to the report, was 4 percent. The highest levels, some approaching 90 percent, were confined to the Atlanta City School System.