Make sure she's not seeing scarlet on Valentine's Day

That day is fast approaching, you know the one. It involves the "L" word and lots of red. As you can tell, I'm not entirely sold that Valentine's Day wasn't invented as a makeshift holiday to just make you spend more money and analyze your relationship. Regardless of why or if you celebrate it at all, here is my guide to buying a great gift.

Every kiss does not begin with Kay. This Valentine's Day get the perfect gift that really comes from the heart. Here are the best choices to consider finding the best Valentine's gift.

Wow Factor

Only you know what will really light his/her fire. Keep that in mind when you pick the perfect present. If she's into practical, ponder price. If she wants to show off your love, make sure it's noticeably flashy. Surprises can be the ultimate turn-on, or an epic fail. You'll know you made the right choice when you see the jaw drop, the face flush, the giddy scream, or all of the above.

Romance Potential

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. Go with the gift that will push her swoon factor to the max, and you'll make this tech gift legendary. "Follow your heart but use your head" is sage advice. But even better is "let her conscience be your guide."

Couple Activity Potential

Not necessarily what you're thinking (though it could be). The best V-day gift is one that you can share, one that will bring you even closer together. Take more pictures together, get more instant messages and share favorite music and movies. Choose a gift that will add to your relationship long after Valentine's Day has come to a close.


You've got to keep your budget in mind, but it's mandatory to spend more than you want to. Try and find the gift that says a lot to her, but not to your bank account. The best thing to remember is that a Valentine's Day gift is not just for Valentine's Day. This gift is the big one, trumped only by anniversary gifts (and maybe that Christmas while you're dating). Make this year's installment less of a novelty and more of a gift that keeps on giving. With this present, you have to look to the future.


Especially with tech gifts, if you can personalize it, by all means do. Show her how much you love her as well as how well you know her. Whether it's a custom tailored design or a personalized engraving, a personalization can make the gift all the more theirs. It shows that you took time and thought to make the gift the right one. Just don't forget to make it one that will last.

Overall, you must send the clear message, "I love you." The gift must reflect (not necessarily prove) your affection and adoration. Do NOT suggest that the gift reminds you of him/her, is something he or she needs, or is simply more practical than traditional flowers. With the right tech gift, you can show your lover what you really care about her. So there it is: how to find a great gift for this Valentine's Day. Now go out and start searching....I think you only have a couple of days left.

Sidney Davis of Warner Robins is a senior at Georgia Southwestern State University majoring in dramatic arts and minoring in vocal performance.