Victim in one crime, charged in homicide

ALBANY -- After questioning a possible victim in Sunday's brawl that led to a murder, Albany Police Department officers arrested the man in connection with a different murder, a police report stated.

George E. Ferguson, 36, of Albany was questioned by police Thursday in connection with a 5:30 a.m. Sunday altercation at Brick House Productions, Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman said.

Police also questioned him about his involvement in the June beating death of Reginald Richardson, she said.

"Based on evidence collected during the 2009 homicide investigation," Banks said, "Ferguson was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault."

Ferguson is in Dougherty County jail with no bond set, a jail spokeswoman said.

Richardson died as the result of a gang initiation beating he received to join the Black Gangster Disciples, police officers have said.

Six others face murder, aggravated battery, gang participation and death concealment charges in connection with Richardson's death.

They are Corey Jackson, 32; Gregory Jermaine Marshall, 33; David Freeman, 32; Ernest "Scoop" Thomas, 32; Yaaeil "Yaa" Narvell Shelton, 26; and Orlando Charlot Jr., according to police reports.

No one has been arrested for the gunshot murder of LaSheldon Stanford, who was killed during a fight at Brick House Productions at 1708 Schlling Road. However, five men have been charged for a variety of crimes stemming form the brawl, police reported.

According to police reports, JaCory Antwan Butts and Antonio Seay, both 20 and of Albany, were charged with aggravated assault and gang participation.

Shernard Smith 18, of Albany, was charged with aggravated assault with additional charges pending.

Henry Wallace, 20, and Shacoby Seay, 17, face charges of aggravated assault and gang participation. They are all in Dougherty County jail with no bond set, a jail spokeswoman said.