Case study has wonderful results in its first 30 days

Well, well, well... I hope everyone survived the great snowstorm of 2010, and I trust you are all back to somewhat of a south Georgia lifestyle.

The idea of this week's column is to bring you up to speed on the "Case Study" contest that was introduced a little over a month ago. Last Friday marked the end of the first 30 days for the six contest finalists, and the results were pretty astounding!

For the first time, you will see pictures and be able to view the data that was collected over the past 30 days. The idea of this contest was to take six individuals I felt most deserved to meet with the trainers here and myself, allow two of them to use my facility for three months, record the data and see how exercise would benefit them in their lives. If you can remember, I found that all six were very deserving of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The idea took on another form when I took on all six with the understanding that one male and female would be gone at the end of the first month due to having the least progress. In this column, the six participants, along with The Herald readers, will find out who stays for another month!

Sharron Bryann: If you can remember, Sharron is a 35-year-old mother who has been overweight for almost a decade. She knows that there is a strong person inside but just doesn't know how to unlock the door and let her out. During her short time here, Shannon has lost a total of 6 pounds and almost 6 percent body fat! Keep in mind that muscle is denser that fat. Therefore one can lose body fat and replace that weight with lean mass. Doing this will not be reflected in total weight lost. The regimen that all of these individuals go through is very strength-oriented. Therefore, they are able to put on more lean muscle than if they were doing cardio alone.

Lynda Miller: Linda is 44 years old and is at an all-time high in weight and is in the worst shape she has ever been in. She is a law-enforcement officer but is stricken to desk work because of her fitness level. I have to say that Lynda is one tough broad! She has lost 8 pounds and a remarkable 6.4 percent body fat in her last 30 days!

Lora Widman: Lora is facing an extensive back surgery to straighten her spine and has come to the realization that not only will the recovery be unbearable but may could've been prevented all together if she was healthier. I have witnessed Lora do things that an individual with her back could only dream of! She has lost 2.5 pounds, leaving her with a 4.2 percent body fat deficit for the last month. Along with getting her strength back, she recently participated in a 5k and shaved three minutes off of her time!

Curt Gleaton: Loving husband and a proud father of two, Curt is an ex-softball player with an athletic past. Curt is concerned that if his unhealthy ways do not make a turnaround for the better, he will not be around to see his kids through college. Curt, in my opinion, was living on borrowed time. Since he began his journey 30 days ago, Curt has become a monster! He has jumped in with both feet and his sleeves rolled up, losing 11 total pounds and 7.2 percent body fat!

Shane Williams: Husband and father of two has a strong desire to get his health back on track. Shane has a heart stent from a wreck he was in at 20. However, you would not know it now! Shane is one of the most coachable people I have had the pleasure of working with. He has shed 5.7 percent body fat and a total of 8 pounds!

Derrick Williams: Forever struggling with his weight, Derrick suffered from chronic back pain and trouble breathing when he is sleeping. He felt that this "Case Study" was his last opportunity to make a life change. Derrick is always 30 minutes early to his workouts and gives everything he has while here. In this group, saying "saving the best for last" would not be a fair statement. But Derrick lost an astounding 24 pounds in 30 days! His hard work has also allowed him to shed 7.9 percent body fat!

So, there they are. Who would you pick? All contestants have met at least the required four days of training a week and are utilizing either the Zone or Paleo meal plans. They have all held up their end of the bargain.

Because of this, I feel it is my duty to allow for one more month with all six! I want to see what happens in the next 30 days! I hope that this is not taken as going back on my word by not eliminating anyone at this time -- but as a reward for working so hard. This in no way dictates what will happen next month or who will or will not be eliminated. I expect to see you all in here Monday!

Thank you for reading this week's column, I hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to check out www.worldcampfitnesstraining.com for pictures of others that have taken on their own 30-day challenge. Until next week, thanks for reading The Herald!

E-mail fitness columnist Kris Morrill, certified personal trainer and owner of World Camp Fitness in Albany, at kris@worldcampfitnesstraining.com.