Thomas County man arrested for murder

THOMASVILLE -- A Thomas County woman was found dead in her home early Monday when Thomas County Sheriff's deputies were called to investigate a possible shooting, according to a report released by the Thomas County Sheriff's office.

When police arrived at the home of William "Buck" Paul McMullen, 43, and Tuwanna McMullen, 43, at 32 Rebecca Street, investigators said they found Tuwanna deceased on a couch located in the living room with a single gunshot wound to the head.

When questioned by police, McMullen admitted to shooting his wife with a Smith and Wesson revolver he showed to police.

According to the incident report, at 12:33 a.m. Investigator David Godwin called Sgt. Kevin Dennis and requested a briefing with him and Lt. Guy Winkelmann.

At the briefing at Central Middle School in Thomasville, Godwin informed the officers that he had received a call from McMullen in which McMullen explained that he had just shot his wife and wanted Godwin to meet him at his home on Rebecca Street alone.

Investigators said a tactical approach was devised in approaching the home. Winkelmann and Dennis approached McMullen's home on foot as Godwin drove to the scene.

According to reports, McMullen stepped onto the front porch of his home as Godwin exited his vehicle. McMullen was holding a handgun that was later identified as the Smith and Wesson revolver.

Godwin asked McMullen to put down the handgun and step away from it. McMullen obliged Godwin and continued to walk towards the investigator when Winkelmann and Dennis took custody of McMullen and placed him in handcuffs.

When questioned by Winkelmann, McMullen admitted to shooting his wife with the Smith and Wesson.

Police then secured McMullen in a patrol car and secured the crime scene with tape.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations were informed of the crime and assisted with the investigation along with crime scene Investigators.

McMullen is currently being held at the Thomas County Jail on the charge of murder.