Companies prepare for weather

ALBANY -- With the threat of freezing rain, utility companies are preparing for the threat of power outages due primarily to ice on power lines.

Water Gas & Lights Assistant General Manager Lorie Farkas said the company is always prepared for extreme weather conditions.

"We are a weather driven industry," she said. "We must be prepared for any type of adverse related conditions."

Farkas said WG&L has excellent crews that will work in any conditions to restore power.

"We hope and pray that everyone has their power and that not many will be inconvenienced," she said.

Georgia Power Spokesmen Jeff Wilson said that the power company has been monitoring the weather situation and does not expect much damage from ice.

"We will have crews ready to dispatch as needed to areas with problems," he said.

Mitchell EMC will be sending out additional crews to help sister utility companies in North Georgia, Evera Moye, vice president of marketing and member services.

"We are committed to do what we have to do to make sure our customers are taken care of," she said. "We don't expect ice, but if we do have it, we are ready."

Moye said crews have been updated supplies and preparing as best as they can for the freezing weather.

"There is not really a lot we can do preventative when it comes to weather," she said. "They have been sharpening chainsaws though in case trees are down."

Wilson said ice on power lines is a power company's worst enemy.

"The ice weighs down on the power lines or trees limbs and they snap," he said. "This causes a lot of outages in areas."