Lee County clerk chosen as statewide association president

LEESBURG -- Lee County Administrator Alan Ours uses an old television ad to emphasize the respect County Clerk Christi Dockery commands across the state.

"When I go to statewide meetings and mention Christi's name, it's like the old E.F. Hutton commercial," Ours said. "People across the state are interested in hearing what she has to say. She commands that much respect."

Dockery, who was appointed to her clerk's position in August 2000 by former Lee Administrator Randy Dowling, will become statewide president of the Georgia County Clerks Association at the Association County Commissioners of Georgia convention in Savannah April 24-27.

Dockery currently serves as vice president of the organization.

"I am especially grateful to the Board of Commissioners for their support in allowing me to take this position within the clerk's association," Dockery said. "Becoming president of the Georgia County Clerks Association includes a seat on the Board of Managers for ACCG also.

"One of the major benefits of becoming president of the association will be to highlight the success of Lee County and the Southwest Georgia region. In addition, I'm excited about working with clerks throughout the state to enhance their opportunities for growth and build on the existing network of professional development."

Ours, who has teamed with Dockery for the better part of four years as part of the county's administration team, said she brings a number of excellent qualities to the clerk's office.

"She brings professionalism," Ours said. "She brings continuity; she brings integrity; she brings knowledge; she brings dedication. And above all, she brings service above self.

"Having her as part of this team gives me the freedom to be an administrator. It is part of my responsibility in this position to be in the community at various meetings. With Christi in the office, I'm confident that things will be looked after in my absence. I have tremendous confidence in her representing me and representing the people of Lee County."

Ours said Dockery's election to the top spot of the state's county clerks organization is a plus for Lee County.

"It's not only a good reflection of Christi that she was elected by her peers to a leadership role in their organization, it's also a good reflection on the county," he said. "One of the Lee County Board's goals is to hire qualified people in positions of authority. We strive to be the best small government in the state of Georgia.

"One thing I know is that we definitely have one of the best clerks in the state."