Man out on misdemeanor homicide charge

ALBANY -- The van driver that crashed into a tractor-trailer truck killing a mechanic standing nearby Friday was charged with misdemeanor homicide by vehicle Monday, Dougherty County Police Capt. Jim Sexton said.

Bryan Reddick, 37, of Albany, was booked into Dougherty County Jail and released on $1,500 bail, a jail spokeswoman said. Reddick also faces a failure to exercise due care charge, she added.

As a result of the crash, Dennis Andrew Martin, 49, suffered fatal injuries, a police report stated.

A misdemeanor homicide charge "is for those cases where the person did not intend to kill someone and did not commit a serious traffic offense when that death occurred," Sexton said. "No alcohol or drugs were involved."

An example of a serious traffic offense that could result in a death would be running a stop sign and crashing into another vehicle, Sexton said.

A death in either car could happen as a result of running the stop sign, Sexton said. More serious charges would follow in that case.

Reddick was driving northbound on Moultrie Road when he went through warning triangles sideswiping a tractor-trailer truck broken down on the northbound shoulder, Sexton said.

Truck mechanic Martin stood on the driver's side of the truck where he was fatally struck, Sexton said. Reddick, in the van, continued north and struck a gate post before coming to rest on the shoulder, Sexton added.