Truck snags power line

ALBANY -- A tractor-trailer driver drove in at his usual spot for dinner, took down a power line and darkened an area of Albany at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Crews from the Water Gas & Light Commission responded almost immediately, rerouted power around the down lines and gave power back to downtown in 15 minutes, said Lorie Farkas, commission assistant general manager.

The Albany Fire Department responded to the scene at Seventh Avenue and Jefferson Street within minutes. There was no fire and after conferring with a technician from the power company firefighters left.

The truck driver was on his usual 800-mile route from Texas hauling freight, said his boss Fred Burt, a partner in Quality Wrecker Service. The driver stopped for dinner as usual at Kregg's Pit Barbeque Drive Thru, but this time he took out a wire strung across the parking lot.

Kregg's remained open without electricity as owner Fay Miller described what happened.

"He just hit that wire to the transformer," Miller said. "He lit that transformer all up."

The Albany Police Department responded to traffic control at the intersection. Traffic lights were out all along Jefferson Street.

While crews worked to restore full power, Farkas said she couldn't estimate how long it would take.