Heritage House grant application rejected

Photo by Bill Strickland

Photo by Bill Strickland

Albany city officials got word this afternoon that a federal grant program has rejected a bid for money to redevelop the vacant Heritage House on Oglethorpe Boulevard.

Thye grant request was for about $16 million.

City officials said this afternoon that they will have to regroup with the developers who own the property. The developers have indicated to city officials that they will pursue other funding sources but aren't certain they can come up with resources to reach the same scope of project.

The old hotel has been a eyesore for years and the city was poised to raze it at one point.

An online survey at albanyherald.com earlier this week showed overwhelming support to demolish the structure, with four out of five respondents saying that should be the building's fate.

With 187 visitors to the site voting, 81.8% said it should be torn down and 12.8% said to develop it with grant money. Only 2.1% percent thought local funding should be used to rehab the facility and 3.2% percent said to leave it as it is.