Ron White entertains for a sold-out crowd

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY -- Amid a blue cloud of cigar smoke, comedian Ron White joked with the sold-out crowd at the Albany Municipal Auditorium Friday night.

While sipping on his trademark glass of scotch on the rocks, White joked about reality television stars, his marriage, Snuggies, the Tiger Woods controversy and the welcoming gift given to him by Albany Police officers.

White said he has no hard feelings about the citation for smoking in prohibited places, claiming it was a better welcome than the one he received in Florida, where he was jailed for marijuana possession.

"I got a ticket tonight for smoking," he told the crowd Friday. "When I asked how much it was going to be they told me that it was $138.22, and I said 'Sign me up!'

"I really have been trying to stay out of trouble," White joked.

Throughout the evening, White drank his scotch and smoked as he entertained the crowd within the intimate setting of the Municipal Auditorium.

Albany Civic Center Director and Municipal Auditorium Manager John Mazzola said that more than 950 tickets have been sold for the event, which is a plus for Albany.

"For Albany, Georgia, to had a sold-out show is a wonderful testament to the community," he said. "Ron White is a stakeholder of comedy, and if you can continue to get the people to come out then you know it's been a success."

Mazzola said it was remarkable to have a sold-out show during harsh economic times.

"It goes to show that even during a recession, people still want to be entertained," he said.

White's act concluded with a standing ovation from the audience, and he stayed another half hour for an encore.

"Well, since you've been so nice, sit down and I'll do something else for you," he said.

White had praise for the venue Friday night, which is about three times smaller than White's regular venues.

"It really is a nice place," he said of the Albany Municipal

Auditorium. "Be proud of it."

White's opening act was comedian Todd Sawyer, who has appeared

on Comedy Central.