County audit shows positive movement for 2008-09 budget year

The Mauldin and Jenkins auditors told the board that the county appeared to be in good fiscal shape despite the recession.

Commissioner Lamar Hudgins, who is also the county's finance committee chairman, commended the cost-cutting practices first implemented by County Administrator Richard Crowdis.

"Things appeared to be better than we expected," Hudgins said after Monday's meeting. "A lot of people did some hard work trimming their budgets and its because of them that we didn't have to take out as much as we thought from the reserve fund."

Despite some indicators that the economy may slowly be improving, Hudgins said that he's had discussions with Crowdis and that the spending controls initiated last year will remain intact.

"We get about half our money from property taxes," Hudgins said. "So really about the only way to raise revenue is to raise the millage or cut spending and I believe that we should continue to try and cut spending as much as possible so we don't have to raise taxes."