Looking Back Dec. 20

Enjoy this trivia quiz about all things "Christmas."


1. What are the first words Frosty the Snowman says when he comes to life in the Christmas cartoon movie?

2. How is the horse in the song "Jingle Bells" described?

3. What three reindeer have names that start with the letter "D?"

4. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa Claus?

5. What is Charlie Brown's complaint about Christmas?

6. G.I. Joe action figures (never referred to as dolls!) were introduced in February 1964 and enjoyed a robust first Christmas. What was distinct about all the faces of all G.I. Joe's?

7. If you received all the gifts mentioned in "The 12 Days of Christmas," how many would that be?

8. Who tried to airlift 28 tons of medicine and Christmas gifts to American POWs in North Vietnam in 1969?

9, Where is America's official Christmas tree located?

10. What child singer first recorded "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"?

11. There are two Christmas Islands. One is in the Pacific Ocean. Where is the other one?

12. Who was the first president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree?

13. Alabama was the first state to officially declare Christmas a legal holiday. Which state was the last to do so?

14. In 1996, what was banned from two major shopping malls in Pensacola, Fla.?

15. In the Thomas Nast cartoon that first portrayed Santa with a sleigh and reindeer that appeared in the Jan. 3, 1863 Harper's Weekly, who was Santa delivering presents to?

16. What Christmas symbol was so revered by early Britons that it was cut with a golden sickle?

17. If surveys can be believed, what do 53 percent of Americans plan to do this Christmas?

18. What famous musician received his first set of drums as a Christmas gift in 1959?

19. How long did it take Charles Dickens to write "A Christmas Carol" back in 1843?

20. Which American department store offered the first manufactured Christmas ornaments? The year was 1880.

21. What historic Christmas event took place in 1989 in Eastern Europe for the first time in history?

22. Who wrote the Christmas classic, "White Christmas?"

23. What was the first video arcade game introduced by Atari in 1972?

24. What was the first toy advertised on television?

25. In the Charles Dickens book, "A Christmas Carol," what was the name of Scrooge's sister?

26. Artificial Christmas trees began outselling real trees in 1988, 1991 or 1995?

27. Santa has to visit approximately 832 homes each second to complete his Christmas Eve deliveries. With allowances for time zones, how many hours does Santa have to complete his work?

28. This Christmas movie from the year 2000 has more than 52,000 Christmas lights, about 8,200 ornaments and nearly 2,000 candy canes. What is it?

29. Who kept time with the Little Drummer Boy?

30. What product became a sled for Santa in television commercials of the 1960s?

31. Only one book of the Bible refers to the wise men in the telling of the birth of Jesus. Which one is it?

32. What year did Bing Crosby originally record "White Christmas?"

33. Hallmark was founded in 1910. What year did the greeting card company introduce Christmas cards?

34. During World War II, what popular Christmas toy was commissioned for military training purposes?

35. What Christmas carol contains the line, "O tidings of comfort and joy?"


1. Happy Birthday.

2. Bob tail.

3. Dasher, Donner, Dancer.

4. Norman Rockwell.

5. It is too commercialized.

6. A scar on the right cheek.

7. 364.

8. Ross Perot rented two jets, but the mission was unsuccessful when the North Vietnamese officials refused to let the two jets land in Hanoi.

9. King's Canyon National Park in California. The giant Sequoia is over 300 feet tall and was designated as the national tree in 1925.

10. Jimmy Boyd in 1951. He was one month short of his 13th birthday.

11. The Indian Ocean is home to a 52-square mile Christmas Island.

12. Franklin Pierce (1856),

13. Oklahoma in 1907,

14. Christmas caroling,

15. Soldiers in a Civil War camp,

16. Mistletoe,

17. Re-gift,

18. Ringo Starr,

19. About six weeks,

20. Woolworth's,

21. Church masses were broadcast live. This was also the first time in many decades that citizens were permitted to celebrate Christmas freely.

22. Irving Berlin.

23. Pong.

24. Mr. Potato Head... from 1952 to 1963, parents had to provide the potato. The 50-cent parts set came with 50 parts.

25. Fan.

26. 1991.

27. 31 hours.

28. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

29. The ox and lamb.

30. Norelco electric shaver.

31. Matthew.

32. 1942...Because of such heavy use, the master had to be re-recorded in 1947 -- it is that recording we hear today.

33. 1915.

34. ViewMasters..about 100,000 Viewers and nearly 6 million disks were ordered from 1942-1945.

35. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."