Dougherty DA will not press charges against APD officer

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Strom, who has been on administrative duties within the department since the shooting last October, is now officially cleared of any legal wrongdoing, Edwards said.

Reading from a prepared statement to reporters, Edwards said that under the circumstances outlined in the investigation, Strom's use-of-force was appropriate.

"As noted, I have received the findings of the GBI investigation and in conjunction with my own observations at the scene and information I have also gathered, I have determined that this instance of an officer involved shooting does not involve any criminal liability on the part of the officer and does not require consideration by the grand jury...," he said.

Edwards said that the findings have been presented to Riggins' family and to the Albany Police Department.

Despite the decision, Riggins' daughter Katherine still believes that her mother didn't have to die in front of that house on West Gordon Avenue.

"All we (the family) want is justice," Riggins said, openly weeping. "There isn't anyone that can make me believe that she would come out of the house with a gun and a knife and shoot at a police officer. It just wasn't her to do something like that."

Riggins was shot and killed by Strom after Edwards says that she exited the home brandishing a .357 handgun and a knife, refused to drop the weapons when instructed too by the officer and then fired at Strom.

Police were at the home after being dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute which was called into 911 by Riggins' boyfriend Eddie Anderson.