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City regulates commercial vehicle parking

ALBANY -- The Albany Board of Commissioners officially adopted an ordinance Tuesday restricting where large commercial vehicles can park in residential neighborhoods.

The ordinance, which passed on a 5-2 vote with Commissioners Jon Howard and Dorothy Hubbard dissenting, regulates what type of commercial vehicles can be parked on city streets in neighborhoods throughout the city.

The new ordinance, which is posted on, does not apply to commercial vehicles that are parked for less than eight hours, are providing a service or repair for homeowner, or if the vehicle is parked in a fully enclosed structure like a garage.

School buses are also exempted from the ordinance as long as they aren't parked in such a way that violates an existing city ordinance that prevents items from obstructing the view of neighbors.

The ordinance also doesn't apply to smaller commercial vehicles such as cars, vans or SUVs as long as no more than one each are parked.

The commission also granted a special permit to Bob Brooks, the developer and owner of Riverfront Barbecue, so that he could place a smaller, mobile kitchen in an abandoned parking lot near the Albany Mall.

The successful downtown restaurant had planned to move out to the location sooner, but needed special approval from the commission.

Tuesday, the board unanimously approved the resolution granting Brook's request with a friendly amendment that the business be allowed to operate until 6 p.m.

The commission also approved $76,000 to repair the transit offices and shop on Flint Avenue. Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said that the majority of the money will go to fix the roof with the rest to cover miscellaneous repairs.

Lastly, the commission voted unanimously to pass a resolution honoring the late Mary Young-Cummings -- a former city commissioner and state representative who recently died after a lengthy illness.