Learn the law and good gun-ownership methods

ALBANY -- Anyone who exercises the right to own a gun should know the law, how to use the gun and safety measures, law enforcement officials say.

And those interested in learning about firearms laws, using a gun and the proper way to safely keep a gun can come to a workshop planned for 9 a.m. Saturday at Albany State University in the Academic Building auditorium, said university Police Chief Roberson Brown Jr.

"As an educational institution, it is our obligation to educate the community as well as the student body about the law, gun ownership and gun safety," Brown said. "Safety is the number one priority."

The "Free Second Amendment Workshop" is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Last year's workshop drew 60 people, Brown said.

"The auditorium holds 600," Brown said. "We have room for everyone who would like to attend."

The workshop plans to cover laws regarding gun licenses, using a gun to protect oneself and property and safety issues among other issues.

Although Brown believes every law-abiding resident should have a gun, he is quick to point out that it should only be used as a last resort.

"Keeping a gun under a pillow is not a good idea," Brown said. "We recommend it be kept five or six steps away from the bed to give you a chance to wake up. You don't want to shoot a family member by mistake."

The police plan to give out free gun locks to those attending.

"Nationwide, more kids are killed with guns in the home than are intruders breaking into a home," Brown said. "We want people to keep their guns secure."

In addition to Albany State University police officers, Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson and District Attorney Gregory Edwards plan to speak on their respective areas of expertise.

"I intend to speak about how a gun can be used legally, where it can be used and when it can be used," Edwards said. "Last year, the workshop was well received."