Windom: 'Reconsider' choice

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY -- The e-mail titled "Mike: Re: Superintendent Search" came in at 8:16 a.m. Saturday.

Dougherty County Board of Education member Michael Windom sent The Herald a copy of the e-mail he sent to the other board members asking them to "reconsider their choice" of the school system's next superintendent.

Windom, along with board members Anita Williams-Brown, Milton Griffin, Velvet Riggins and the Rev. James Bush, voted Albany State University Executive to the President Joshua Murfree as the only finalist for the superintendent position at Wednesday's board meeting. Board Chairman David Maschke and Emily Jean McAfee voted against the appointment.

The board had planned to do a second round of interviews and was expected to name three finalists for the position.

Windom, who has served on the board since January 1995, confirmed to The Herald late Saturday night that he had sent the e-mail to The Herald and to fellow board members "in an attempt if we can get back together and discuss the process one more time."

Windom's letter in full follows:

"Dear Mr. Maschke,

I wanted you to know that I understand the concerns about the superintendent selection process expressed from all corners of our community. The individuals in our community have been very expressive of their concern vividly and consistently.

I am requesting that a special call(ed) meeting be held this week to reconsider our options. Some times in our public service journeys, we sometimes make mistakes. We must be accountable for them.

I will be asking to reconsider our selection process of the next Superintendent. I will be asking specifically that our colleagues reconsider their choice at the special call(ed) meeting this coming week.

Please keep me in prayer as this process continues to progress.

Michael Windom."

Maschke confirmed Windom's e-mail had reached him and the other board members late Saturday night.