Ours takes Glynn County job

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- The official who was pivotal in helping Lee County become one of the fastest-growing counties in the state and nation was confirmed Tuesday as Glynn County's new county administrator.

The Glynn County Board of Commissioners approved Alan Ours as their county administrator in a special called morning meeting.

"I have to say that leaving Lee County will be bittersweet," Ours said Tuesday from Brunswick, where he is scheduled to meet with Glynn County's management team this morning. "I have developed some close friendships here, and I have enjoyed working with our professional staff.

"But Glynn County is the kind of place where I feel that I can work until I retire, and it is a great place to retire."

Ours takes over as chief administrator in one of Georgia's largest counties, and he's been made aware of pending issues that await him.

Perhaps chief among them is the expansion/location of a detention center in the county.

"The detention center, which is currently tied up in litigation, has been an ongoing issue here for a few years," Glynn County Public Information Officer Candice Temple said Tuesday. "There are split possibilities -- expanding the center at its current location or moving it to another location -- but funding is limited. A federal court case has been filed, so there's not much more we can say about it.

"Mr. Ours' background includes building a detention center, so that was a plus for him. From what I've heard, of all the candidates interviewed for the job, Mr. Ours stood out with all our commissioners."

Ours said the challenge of working with a "large organization" appealed to him, as did Glynn County's location along Georgia's Atlantic Coast.

"As part of a larger organization, I will have more of a managerial role," he said. "In a smaller community like Lee County, an administrator has to wear more hats. I didn't mind that, but I'm looking forward to taking on more management responsibilities in Glynn County.

"I also think my family will enjoy the tremendous cultural amenities in the area."

Ours started work in Lee County in May of 2006, and he helped oversee a tremendous growth period that catapulted the county into the state spotlight. In addition to a large population surge, retail business increased significantly.

Lee County Commission Chairman Ed Duffy, who joined the Commission shortly before Ours came on board, said the outgoing administrator has had a huge impact on the county.

"It's not often that a person comes along who has the integrity and character of Alan Ours," Duffy said Tuesday night. "He has had a tremendously positive impact on our county. I don't want to discount the efforts of officials who came before him, but it's my opinion that Lee County has grown more in the last four years than it did in the previous 15.

"With Alan's guidance, the Board has been able to balance its budget without raising taxes, has increased its rainy-day fund from $3.2 million to $6.4 million and has removed the barriers that had kept commercial development away from here. I think the Almighty truly blessed us when he sent Alan to Lee County."

Now, though, county officials must start looking for Ours' replacement.

"I think the Board needs to go to the ACCG (Association County Commissioners of Georgia) for advice and guidance," Duffy said. "Maybe they know of a possibly retired administrator who could fill in while we go through the process of finding a new administrator."

Ours' last day with the Lee County Commission will be Friday, Aug. 6. On the following Monday, he will start at his position in Glynn County.