Supply chief balances supply, demand at MCLB

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

MCLB-Albany, Ga. -- Managing a global supply chain is about as far from easy as it is from here to Kandahar, but with a dedicated team and nearly 30 years of experience, Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany's Michael Williamson makes it look pretty easy.

The director of the Supply Management Center, Williamson is ultimately responsible for keeping a worldwide supply chain up and running for the Marine Corps principal end items, secondary repairables and other selected commodities.

Simplified, Williamson is essentially in charge of making sure that if the Marine Corps needs a truck or tank to be on the ground in Afghanistan for the war effort, that they are able to put their hands on one.

First entering federal service in 1983 as a cooperative education student from Georgia Southwestern College (now state university), Williamson was promoted to GS-7 Inventory Management Specialist in the Combat Vehicles Branch, where he dealt with vehicles such as tanks and armored assault vehicles.

In 1985, he was recruited into the Navy's Career Logistics Intern program -- a three-year program during which he completed extensive training and rotational assignments that included acquisition logistics, contracting, financial management and information systems management. In 1989, he was promoted to a GS-11 logistics management specialist.

Between 1989 and May 2000, Willliamson has served as director of the Planning and Management Control Branch of the Marine Corps Logistics Material Division, the deputy director of Fleet Support Division, deputy principal director of the Storage and Distribution Directorate and headed a full-time Supply Management Working group to re-engineer the supply management for Marine Corps Logistics Command.

In May 2000, he was promoted to his current position, where he has served as the senior analysis officer, deputy director and director of Studies and Analysis for both the Materiel Command and Logistics Command.

Born in Dayton, Tenn., Williamson went to high school in Irwin County.

In addition to being a certified professional logistician, he holds a MBA from the University of Tennessee and a BBA in General Business from Georgia Southwestern.

An avid golfer, Williamson said that his favorite part of the job is developing the people who work under him and watching them grow professionally.

The most challenging part of the job, he said, is dealing with the worldwide scope of their mission and ensuring that the Marines have the equipment they need in the most efficient and time-sensitive way possible when that need is rapidly growing faster than the supply.

Williamson said that, although he's a civil servant, he still has a passion for his job because he knows that it's an opportunity to "serve those who are out there, really serving us."

"My dad instilled a great sense of duty and leadership and always pushed us to be the best that we could be," Williamson said.