Dougherty voting results

With all precincts in but tallies get to be finalized on 1,500 absentee ballots, Milton Griffin, Jack Stone and Darrel Ealum appear to be the winners in Dougherty County elections tonight. Carol Fullerton appears to have retained her seat in the state House as representative of District 151.

In the State House race with 28 precincts reporting, state Rep. Carol Fullerton held about a 300-vote lead challenger Fred Grimsley in the Democratic primary at 10:45 p.m. Fullerton has 1,483 votes, or 55.6 percent, to Grimsley's 1,187.

In the race for County Commission District 6, Jack Stone had a 90-vote lead over Richard Thomas, 634-544.

In the School Board races, Milton Griffin has taken the Democratic nomination for his seat by an 882-524 vote in District 2. Darrel Ealum appeared headed for the win in School Board District 6 with a 654-546 advantage over Dean Phinazee.