Evans offers testimony

ALBANY, Ga. -- Tuesday's portion of the ongoing trial of three men charged for their alleged involvement in a shooting at a municipal pool last year centered around Jarnay Evans and what he did or didn't see on June 16, 2009.

Evans, who pleaded to one count of gang participation but has maintained that he had no involvement in the shooting, took the stand after telling prosecutors Monday that he was willing to implicate the three defendants in the case -- Tchywaskie Jones, Dabkowski Luke and Jerry Harris.

But before he took the stand Tuesday morning, Jones' Defense Attorney Jim Finklestien asked the court to bar Evans from testifying, contending that Harris had told the attorneys that Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon had talked Evans into testifying to something that wasn't true.

Harris, who was in the holding cell next to Evans, told his attorney, Roosevelt Carter, on Monday that he had heard Breedon coaching Evans on what to say.

Breedon flatly denied any misconduct as further examples of "baseless accusations," from the defense.

Judge Willie Lockette allowed Evans to testify over the objections of Finklestein and Luke's Defense Attorney Sandra Satchel.

But on the stand, Evans appeared to refute what he had told Breedon earlier, saying that he did not remember telling Breedon that he had ridden with the defendants the day of the shooting, that he had seen what happened at the pool, that he had seen Harris firing a gun or that he had seen Luke or Jones at the pool.

What Evans did testify is that he was riding with Brandon Taylor near the pool just before the shooting occurred and that as they drove down the street, he made eye contact with off-duty police officer Darryl Jones and knew something was about to happen so they kept driving.

Evans said that it wasn't until he was arrested and told by Darryl Jones what allegedly happened that he knew about the events of the day.

Court will resume today with Det. Brian Covington, the lead investigator on the case, likely to be called to the stand.