Lead officer takes stand during trial

ALBANY, Ga. -- The lead officer in charge of the investigation into a June 16, 2009 shooting at Carver Pool was called to testify Wednesday as the trial of three men accused incident continues.

Detective Brian Covington was questioned by prosecutors and defense attorneys Wednesday about his involvement in the investigation that ultimately resulted in the arrests of Tchywaskie Jones, Jerry Harris and Dabkowski Luke, among others.

Covington is the fourth Albany Police Officer to take the stand as a witness for the prosecution. Detective Darryl Jones -- who was off duty but witnessed part of the fight and shooting -- was the first to testify, followed by officer Hope Ellis and APD Forensics Specialist Cpl. Daniel Zok.

The three are accused of being involved in a fight that escalated into gunfire at the pool on June 16, 2009.

The prosecution alleges that Luke and Jones went to the pool after a fight among women had broken out earlier in the morning, when Harris pulled a gun and began firing prompting an ensuing gunfight that injured Donald Winchester.

But throughout the trial those called as actual eyewitnesses to the event, Winchester, former codefendant Jarnay Evans, and Arsenio Jones, have each contradicted earlier statements and testified to some degree or another that they either hadn't seen the three at the pool that day, or hadn't seen them firing any weapons.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Heather Lanier said Wednesday that the state has a few more witnesses to call to testify before they'll be prepared to rest their case and that the trial will likely move on into next week before they hand it over to defense attorneys Jim Finklestein, Sandra Satchel and Roosevelt Carter.