Precinct-by-precinct look gives insight into primaries

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- With Tuesday's primary officially over and all but a small trickle of mail-in absentee ballots possibly left to be counted, a look at the precinct-by-precinct totals offer a glimpse at how the primary victories went down and perhaps a preview as to how the November general elections could shape up.

Perhaps the most divided among the precincts still ended up with a relatively definitive result.

In the State House District 151 race between incumbent Carol Fullerton and Freddy Grimsley, Fullerton ended up retaining her seat with 57.5 percent of the votes in the Democratic primary. But a look at the precincts show that she did not carry a majority of the precincts, taking only half of the 14 precincts in that district.

Fullerton and Grimsley split the precincts straight down the middle with Fullerton carrying Palmyra Road Methodist, Sherwood Elementary, Covenant Presbyterian, Merry Acres Middle, Carver Gym, Phoebe Education and Radium Middle.

Grimsley carried Turner Elementary, Jackson Heights, Bill Miller Center, Mock Road Elementary, Phoebe East, Branch Road and Albany Middle.

But it was the margin of victory in the precincts and the turnout at the precincts themselves that elevated Fullerton. In the precincts she carried, Fullerton rallied an average of 71.5 of the vote, while Grimsley picked up roughly 57.2 percent of the vote in the precincts he carried.

In total, the voter turnout for that race was 14.5 percent.

The precinct numbers also provide an interesting look at a race that will likely be a hot ticket item come November -- the race between incumbent Democrat Winfred Dukes and Republican Challenger Karen Kemp for the State House District 150 seat.

While the primary had no effect on that race given that neither had opposition from within their own party, their names were still on the ballots.

In the general election voters won't be bound to vote along party lines like in a primary, but in a side-by-side comparison, Dukes had more votes on the Democratic ballot in all but one of the 11 precincts that were eligible to cast a vote during the primary, than Kemp on the Republican ballot.

In total, Dukes received 3,966 votes and garnered a 16.3 percent voter turnout on the Democratic ballot while Kemp pulled in 1,665 votes and 6.8 percent voter turnout on the Republican ballot.

In the other Dougherty County races, incumbent District 2 School Board member Milton "June Bug" Griffin overwhelmingly carried the four precincts that he needed to defeat challenger Sherrell Byrd in that Democratic Primary. Byrd managed to pull the Radium Middle School and First Baptist Church of Putney precincts with an average of 58.7 percent of the vote, but Griffin's 67.7 percent average margin of victory in the four other precincts, including a 74.7 percent victory in the more populous Mount Zion Center precinct lifted him to a primary win. In total, 20.7 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in the election.

Griffin will now face Republican challenger Donnie Smith in November.

In the County Commission District 6 race between incumbent Jack Stone and challenger Richard Thomas, Stone carried each precinct in the race, with the Branch Road precinct being the most highly contested with Stone edging Thomas out 50.9 percent to 49 percent.

With all of the early voting and absentee ballots counted, Stone ended up with 728 votes to Thomas' 610. A 118-vote difference.

In total, 1,338 ballots were cast for a voter turnout of 20.7 percent.