Dollar Store robberies appear to be family affair

ALBANY, Ga. --Robbing a Dollar Store seems to be a family tradition in the making for three alleged armed robbers, according to Albany Police Department reports.

"Boazack Jones, 32, turned himself in to police in connection with the Jan. 23 armed robbery of a Dollar Store at 1031 W. Gordon Ave.," said Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman.

He joins his wife Jamaica Harris Jones, 25, and his brother-in-law Randell Harris in Dougherty County jail for allegedly robbing the same store on July 21, a jail spokeswoman said.

Another suspect in the July 21 robbery, Christopher Raines, was shot by police while running away from the Dollar Store. Jail and charges are waiting his release from a hospital, Banks said.

Jamaica Jones worked at the Dollar Store and knew of both robberies, probably participating in planning them, Banks said. Family loyalty went out the window with the second robbery.

According to police reports, that robbery went bad when police showed up in the store's parking lot. Police drew their guns against Raines who was armed with a plastic gun and Harris who was armed with a real sawed-off shotgun.

"Once police got there," said Detective Eddie Jones, no relation to the arrested, "All bets were off. Her brother took her hostage with a gun to her head."

During the escape Raines was shot in the gut. Harris was apprehended. During the investigation family ties became apparent, leading to charges against Jamaica Jones.

Jones is charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery with no bail set. Additional charges in the robberies are pending against her, Banks said.

Boazack Jones is charged with armed robbery, a jail spokeswoman said. He has no bail, she added.