Emptying 'trash' clears perspective

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

What do we do when we realize that the trash in our home has gotten too full or when we realize that it smells bad?

We empty out the trash and take it outside. If you use the plastic trash bags, like the Hefty or Glad ones, then you replace the old one with a new one, right?

Sometimes we need to empty the trash that inhabits our minds. Sometimes it is necessary to empty our minds of the thoughts that do nothing to serve a productive, healthy, and peaceful existence.

We are not always aware of just how overloaded and tired our minds can become. This is due in part to our knowledge of how powerful the mind is with its remarkable ability to process so much information so quickly.

Interestingly, I read something that about the mind the other day that talked about how our minds actually crave peace and emptiness so much that the reason it processes everything so quickly is to try to get to a place of rest.

Meditation helps us to get to this place of rest by emptying our minds of the chaos and everyday trivialities and complexities of our days. Think about the constant chatter that goes on in your mind. It is filled with "why was those folks staring at me, these pants make me look fat, what am I going to cook for dinner, they don't like me, when is that bill due, I have to meet my deadline, the car needs gas, the kids heard us arguing, I hope I didn't fail that test, why didn't I say something in that meeting, what if I'm pregnant, how much is left on that credit card ..."

There are times when we have difficulties getting to sleep because we literally hear the chatter in our heads. We are constantly trying to figure something out or planning our every move for the next day. This is not peace.

When we cannot quiet our minds and achieve peace inward, the chances of obtaining outer peace diminish significantly also. We must empty the trash and replace the chatter with silence.

Meditation takes practice, but with a commitment to really gaining clarity and insight into your life's journey, learning to empty your mind will become easier.

Remember that sometimes our "trash" will just become too full and need to be emptied or taken out. This is the case when we constantly pile on more and more everyday stuff for our minds to process, which causes us to feel stressed.

However, there are also times when our "trash" just really stinks. This is the case when we allow negative and destructive thoughts to linger in our minds too long. It doesn't have to be full or running over, because just one can rot and stink up the place. It needs to be emptied or taken out.

Meditation has taught me that negative thoughts will come, but that we must learn how to release them when they do. You have to consciously speak to these thoughts and say, "You can't stay. I release you now." If they come everyday, we must continue to release them. We have the power to empty the trash that hinders us from getting in touch with our true selves, our direction and ultimately, our purpose.

Empty your trash today for clearer perspective.

Be encouraged.

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