Chased suspects lead police to pot grow house

ALBANY, Ga. -- Instead of arresting burglars, police busted a marijuana grow house on the 1500 block of West Lincoln Avenue, said an Albany Police Department official.

"Police responded to a burglary at 1506 West Lincoln Ave. at 9:16 p.m. Tuesday," said Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman. "When they arrived they discovered two men dressed in black running from the scene."

After chasing the suspects down, police entered the house and found marijuana plants worth $1,000s growing in the house. The grow house was turned over to the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit for seizure.

No word on how many plants were in the house was immediately available at 10:45 p.m. The case remains under investigation.

"Several suspects were arrested," Banks said. "I don't know if guns were found, so I can't confirm that. But usually when there are drugs involved, there are guns."