Defense, prosecution rest in trial

ALBANY, Ga. -- Attorneys for both the state and the defense have ended their portions of the Carver Pool shooting trial and will begin closing statements next week.

Defendants Tchywaskie Jones, Dabkowskie Luke and Jerry Harris have been charged and indicted in connection with the June 16, 2009, shooting at the popular municipal pool.

Donald Winchester was the only person injured.

Tuesday, Jones' attorney, Jim Finkelstein, called his first witnesses of the trial, Myron Albritton, who testified that he had known Jones since he was a young child and that he had never known him to be part of any street gang nor did he ever know him to carry a .22-caliber Beretta pistol.

Longtime Dougherty County School Board member Milton "June Bug" Griffin was next called to the stand.

Griffin told the court and jury that he had known Jones for about 10 years and that his daughter was married to Jones' brother.

Like Albritton, Griffin testified that he never knew Jones to be part of a street gang although he did know kids that were members of gangs and that he had never seen Jones with any body armor or guns.

Finkelstein's last witness was Shabreka Griffin, the mother of Jones' daughter.

Shabreka Griffin testified that she had dropped their daughter off with Jones the night before the shooting and returned to pick her up at some point after she left work at 5 p.m. the day of the shooting.

Additionally, Shabreka Griffin testified that she had regularly left their daughter with Jones and had never seen body armor or guns and had never known him to be a member of a street gang.

On cross examination, Assistant District Attorney Matthew Breedon asked Shabreka Griffin if Jones paid child support for their daughter, which she said he did not but that he did support her. Finkelstein, on redirect, further inquired about the support with Shabreka Griffin testifying that while he didn't pay child support that he did buy her clothing and food and provided what was needed to take care of her.

With that, Finkelstein rested his case.

Sandra Satchel, the attorney for Luke, rested without calling witnesses to testify.

Roosevelt Carter, who was representing Harris, called D'elkis Battle to testify.

During her questioning, Battle told the court that she was asked by Harris' sister Christian, to pick up her two kids at the pool the day of the shooting. Driving Christian Harris' mother's car, Battle went to the pool and was walking the two children back to the vehicle when the first shots rang out.

Battle testified that she and the children ran through a nearby park toward Harris' mother's house, but didn't see who was shooting.

She also testified that during her entire time at the pool, both before and during the shooting, she never saw Jerry Harris at the facility.

In addition to the testimony offered Tuesday, the court weighed several motions for mistrial made by Finkelstein.

One of the more passionate arguments for a mistrial came during the testimony of Milton Griffin, when Breedon asked Griffin if he knew that Jones had been "involved," in an unrelated shooting a few years ago at Henderson gym.