Alleged murderer extradited to Florida in preparation for trial

LEESBURG, Ga. -- A Leesburg woman accused of murder was taken to Florida Monday by deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, said Lewis Harris, the Lee County Sheriff's Office's chief deputy.

Amanda Logue, 28, of Leesburg, was arrested at her husband's residence at 139 Twelve Oaks Drive on May 28 in connection with the brutal murder of a New Port Ritchey, Fla., man. She was put in the Lee County jail with no bail while awaiting extradition

She signed papers in Lee County Magistrate Court allowing deputies to take her from Lee County to Pasco County's Land O'Lakes Jail, Harris said.

"She is in jail with no bail," said Kevin Doll, Pasco County Sheriff's spokesman. "Not much has changed since she was arrested in this case."

The details in the case involve a sex party and the bludgeoning and stabbing death of 41-year-old Dennis Abrahamsen. Apparently, Abrahamsen and Logue had sex with another couple in the dead man's apartment, court affidavits stated.

After the couple left the apartment, Logue "struck Dennis Abrahamsen in the head with a hand-held sledgehammer, then proceeded to stab him multiple times in the back, causing his death," court papers stated.

After viewing a tape of the sex party, law enforcement officials were able to identify and find Logue in Leesburg, authorities said.

Logue, who admitted to investigators in Florida that she was a prostitute, has accused her boyfriend of the murder. Documents show that she said boyfriend Jason Andrews had waited outside until Logue was alone with Abrahamsen and then entered the apartment to kill him.

Evidence inferring that Logue and Andrews acted together in the murder was included with court affidavits.

They had exchanged text messages before Abrahamsen was killed.

Andrews wrote to Logue that he wanted her to "keep eyes for a knife, etc. for me!"

Logue returned a message that she wanted to have sex "after we kill him."

The investigation into the killing found that about $6,000 in cash, a laptop computer, a video camera, a digital camera and a Home Depot credit card were missing from the residence.

The credit card was found on Andrews when he tried to buy goods at a Home Depot, the affidavit stated. He was arrested on petty theft charges, Doll said.

"The case is still under investigation," Doll added.