Family sets up fund to aid shooting victim's recovery

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- Surviving a .45 caliber gunshot to the head, Jasmine McCreary now faces extensive plastic surgery and long-term rehabilitation.

"I thank everybody for their prayers and the wonderful heartfelt love and support that we have gotten," said Alycia McCreary, Jasmine's mother. "Jasmine is doing well, very well for the actual condition that she suffers, which is traumatic brain injury."

Jasmine McCreary suffered the gunshot wound after a bullet discharged from a gun in another apartment flew through a wall to strike her while she sat in her apartment May 26. Dantevious DeAndre Pryor, 21, was charged in connection with the shooting.

After being released from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Thursday, McCreary, a 19-year-old Albany State University biology major, will go home to Atlanta to receive further treatment at Emory University Hospital.

The treatment will include occupational therapy and physical therapy as well as reconstructive surgery. Medical bills have already imposed "a tremendous financial burden on her family," Albany Police Department spokeswoman Phyllis Banks said.

To assist them in paying medical and continuing therapy bills, the McCreary family has set up the "Jasmine McCreary Miracle Recovery Fund."

Anyone who would like to support Jasmine and her family can make a donation to the fund at any Region's Bank. A contribution could be an investment in a future physician.

"This will give people an opportunity if they want to sow into Jasmine's life, into her current life and into her future life," Alycia McCreary said. "At this point, Jasmine still wants to be a surgeon. So praise the Lord, we want to see this happen. We want to see her come from surgery to being a surgeon."