BP's cleanup efforts irk Albany Mall patrons

ALBANY -- An informal survey of patrons Friday at the Albany Mall revealed deep anger and dissatisfaction with BP Oil over its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico and over its attempts to stop the leak and clean up damage done to the Gulf Coast.

The question asked: "If you have a choice of buying gas at a BP or another station, what would you do?"

"I won't buy gas from BP. I couldn't care less if it costs more elsewhere. BP is more worried about money than the marine life and beaches of the Gulf coast."

-- Cassidy Bachman, 24, Albany

"I will not stop at a BP station. They caused all this environmental damage, and I don't think they know what to do to stop it. I was low on gas today and went right past a BP station."

-- Jeff Adkins, 51, Blacksburg, Va.

"I don't know, I have been too busy working to really pay attention."

-- Qusim Siddiquah, 28, Albany

"The BP stations around here really are not at fault. They are independent businesses, but in most people's minds, BP is evil!"

-- Nicole Wilson, 29, Leesburg

"I've never bought gas at BP anyway, and right now I sure wouldn't start."

-- Terrence Field, 26, Albany

"I don't buy BP. They made a mistake, and they should fix it. Drop prices and at least plug the hole."

-- Josh Fralish, 19, Albany

"I never liked BP gas anyway. They always had the highest prices around. I haven't bought any BP gas in more than 65 years. But I do know they have a mess out there right now and need to fix it."

-- Ray Phillip, 82, Plains

"I'm not buying BP gas. BP could have done a lot more to prevent (the spill), and a lot more to clean up the environment and they are not."

-- Amanda Sierra, 25, Albany