Man escapes burning building

ALBANY -- A neighbor went out to unload his wife's truck and saw flames and smoke billowing from the house next door.

A fire at 1:40 a.m. Saturday in the single-story, three-bedroom home at 1315 Edgerly Ave. had failed to rouse his sleeping neighbor, said Lamar Hatcher, of 1313 Edgerly Ave.

"The door was blocked by the fire," Hatcher said. "He was asleep so I banged on the window and then I pulled the (burglar) bars back so he could roll out. It was his only way out. I think they took him to the ambulance for smoke inhalation but he is OK."

Hatcher didn't have his cell phone on him when he spotted the fire. He immediately went to help his neighbor and doesn't know who called the fire into 911.

At about 12:30 p.m. no one was at the burned house. Hatcher said the occupant was Mike Buchanan, whose grandmother owned the home.

She was out of town as was Buchanan's sister.

Neither Buchanan nor his family could be reached immediately.

The fire-ignition point was an outlet that had an air conditioner plugged into it said Albany Fire Department Deputy Chief Ron Rowe.

There were no injuries involved, but the home sustained about $25,000 in damages, Rowe said.