Two face charges for cutting up truck for scrap

ALBANY, Ga. -- A $13,000, 2004 International 900 series tractor-trailer cab missing from a residence ended up chopped up for scrap metal, said a Dougherty County Police Department official.

The truck's owner left it in the care of Freddie Branch, 4313 Radium Springs Road, on April 8, said police Capt. Jim Sexton. Branch called his friend Tim Coulter to "come and get the truck," Sexton added.

Coulter is accused of cutting the truck up for scrap and splitting the profits with Branch, Sexton said.

Branch, 43, is charged with one count of theft by conversion as is Coulter, 38, also of Albany, Sexton added.

Coulter turned himself in to the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office deputies Thursday, said sheriff's Capt. Craig Dodd. Branch asked to turn himself in today, Dodd said.

The name of the truck owner was not immediately available Thursday. No information on where the truck parts were sold or how much they brought was available either.

The tale of broken trust unfolded like this: The owner of the truck left it at the Radium Springs Road residence with what were thought to be friends. The truck owner left the area and upon return he found the truck missing.

The residents storing the truck said they were out of town also. They added they thought the truck owner had returned and taken it without telling them. The truck was reported stolen on June 8.