Posey's rookie card: Get 'em while they're hot

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

ALBANY -- Actually, get 'em before they're hot.

Aside from a one-of-a-kind, autographed card listed on eBay for $1,599, Leesburg's own Buster Posey's cards are fairly affordable right now.

"Catchers tend to get overlooked in the hobby," said Chris Olds, editor of Beckett Baseball magazine. "The preference is the big home run hitter or the strikeout pitcher."

Because of that, Olds said a collector can get an autographed Posey card in the $30-40 range, and a prospect or rookie card for much less.

"It depends on which card it is," said Jack Tippens, Buster Posey's grandfather. "(Topps and Donruss) are the card companies that are the most sought after."

According to Beckett.com, Posey has 245 cards in circulation. Seven are rookie cards, 15 are memorabilia cards and 116 are autograph cards.

Tippens said he's been able to buy Posey cards for as low as $2.

And the most he's spent?

"I'm not going to divulge that," Tippens chuckled.

Despite the affordability, Posey hasn't gone unnoticed in the hobby.

"He should get a lot of attention from collectors," Olds said. "Posey isn't a household name, but he's not one of those missed rookies that gets ignored. He's been known about for a while."

Posey won the 50th annual J.G. Taylor Spink award as the Topps Minor League Player of the Year for 2009. Topps is one of the leading sports cards producers in the nation, and the only one licensed for Major League Baseball.