New practice to hold open house

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY -- When Dr. Tripp Morgan III announced a few months back that Albany Vascular Specialist Center would renovate and move into the former Boxer's nightclub building on Dawson Road, a collective sigh ran through the surrounding Lake Park neighborhood.

The nightclub, which was in business for just over a year, eventually closed after numerous complaints of noise, trash in the parking lot, unruly behavior and at least one shooting.

"We've had many phone calls from people in the neighborhood telling up how happy they were to be getting rid of the eyesore," AVSC Office Administrator Layne Cox said. "Our neighbors are very pleased to have us in the building."

Morgan opened his practice in 2008 and located it in the Albany Internal Medicine building on Osler Court. Needing elbow room and seeking to expand, Morgan cast his eye toward the Boxer's building.

The $200,000-plus renovation resulted in more than 9,800 square feet of working space, allowing AVSC to add an on-site surgical unit, two ultra-sound areas and six more employees.

"This place is really nice," Cox said. "Our offices at AIM were nice, but small. We kept running into each other."

One of the biggest improvements is the addition of the surgery center -- Vascular Health and Wellness.

"It is so nice to have the ability to provide small surgical procedures here instead of having to work around the hospital's schedule," Cox said. "It's much more convenient for our patients and for us too.

"Plus, we added six new people to the office, so we'd like to think we are also contributing to the local economy."

Cox added the practice plans a ribbon-cutting and small open house today at 5:30 p.m. She invites anyone who is interested to visit.