Couple busted in meth raid

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY -- A Dougherty County couple has been charged with a variety of drug-related offenses following a morning raid on their home near an Albany school, officials say.

Michael Leroy Anthony, 49, and his wife, Noleen Anthony, 41, have charged with manufacturing methamphetamines, possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Bill Berry said Monday.

Acting on information obtained during an ongoing investigation, agents served a search warrant at the Anthony's home on 2242 Duitman Road around 10:30 a.m. Monday, Berry said.

Looking for evidence of methamphetamine and marijuana, Berry said the drug unit recovered crystal meth packaged for possible distribution, marijuana and nearly 1,000 grams of the cold medicine ephedrine, which is commonly used to produce methamphetamine, Berry said.

Guns, chemicals and other items also were seized, Berry said.

"This was way more than something that would be for personal consumption," Berry said. "It doesn't appear they were doing a lot of cooking here, but that they were breaking it down and cooking it somewhere else."

During the initial sweep of the home, one agent opened a shed at the rear of the home and was overcome by fumes believed to have been associated with the methamphetamine manufacturing process.

That agent was treated by paramedics at the scene and released, Berry said.

It appears that the two were in the process of trying to produce low-grade anhydrous ammonia -- a fertilizer-based ingredient to the process, Berry said.


Justice4Moma 4 years, 3 months ago

*StrongI wish they would stop all that stuff.I watched a show on people making it.Do you know if you live near someone making that stuff it could blow up.Your house,heck your whole neighborhood.And the stuff they put in that stuff.Life is way to short to get blowed up,or dead by doing something stupid like that stuff.Get em Berry,and Thank You.


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