Police/Fire/EMS March 2, 2010

ALBANY -- Albany Police Department officers responded to at least 25 incidents Sunday, according to reports. The incidents included:

-- Burglaries on the 700 block of North Jefferson Street, the 1300 block of Gillespie Avenue and the 1400 block of West Lincoln Avenue;

-- Domestic dispute (unfounded) on the 1300 block of Hobson Street, the 1500 block of West Highland Avenue, the 500 block of Vick Street and the 100 block of Telfair Avenue;

-- Theft by taking of a cellphone on the 1600 block of McArthur Street;

-- Criminal trespass on the 900 block of Cherry Avenue, the 200 block of South Shadowlawn Drive, the 2300 block of North Davis Street, the 400 block of South McKinley Street and the 2500 block of Crescent Drive;

-- Simple battery on the 500 block of Pinson Road and the 600 block of North Madison Street;

-- Shoplifting on the 2600 block of Dawson Road;

-- Assault on the 1300 block of Hobson Street;

-- Driving with a suspended license on the 1700 block of Owens Avenue;

-- Aggravated assault on the 2000 block of South Madison Street;

-- Disorderly while intoxicated on the 1000 block of Dunes Avenue;

-- Armed robbery on the 600 block of Moultrie Road;

-- Consumption of alcohol by a minor on the 2000 block of West Broad Avenue;

-- Missing person (juvenile) on the 1100 block of East Third Avenue;

-- Criminal damage to property on the 1700 block of Melrose Drive and the 200 block of West Whitney Avenue;

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County police responded to at least 13 calls and eight incidents Saturday and Sunday, according to reports.

Police responded to incidents including:

-- Traffic arrest for driving with a suspended license at West Oakridge and South Slappey Boulevard;

-- DUI on the 1000 block of Philema Road;

-- Missing juvenile on the 3000 block of Woodridge Court;

-- Harassing phone calls on the 200 block of Pinson Road;