Treasure Hunters show nets interesting finds

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY -- Jesse Price from Treasure Hunters Roadshow said the organization has come across many interesting and valuable items this week at their stop in Albany.

Coins, precious stones and metals are among the most popular items Albany citizens have brought to Treasure Hunters representatives to have examined this week said Price.

"The flow of traffic has been steady this week and we have looked at a lot of items," he said. "We hope to have 700 visitors by the end of the week when we wrap-up."

Treasure Hunters Roadshow host events throughout the country where people can sell their antiques and collectibles after they have been evaluated by the staff.

Price said Treasure Hunters represent thousands of collectors around the world that are looking for all types of antiques and collectibles.

"We have purchased some really nice silver sets while in Albany and a gentleman came in with a collection of old coins worth $550," he said.

Price said silver and gold pieces have been popular items lately due to the inflated price of each.

"As long as it is sterling silver it is worth quite a bit right now," he said. "Some of the older coins have tripled in worth because of silver prices."

While in Georgia, Treasure Hunters stumbled upon two guitars worth more than $1,000 each.

"Down south we always find really nice antique guitars," said Price. "We were really lucky this time."

One of the guitars, a 1960's orange Chet Atkins Nashville Edition Gretsch guitar, was found in Columbus.

"It's worth about $1,800," said Price. "It is a real favorite of ours because it sounds and plays wonderfully."

A 1970s Gibson acoustic guitar, worth $2,500, was also purchased for a collector.

One of the more interesting items the Treasure Hunters have found has been a antique toy dump truck that was found to be worth $400.

Treasure Hunters Roadshow are currently at the Country Inn and Suites on Nottingham Way and are available to look at items from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.