'29 Gifts' is a gift of inspiration for reader

If you like reading a book for content, then you will really like this book, "29 Gifts" by Cami Walker.

Cami was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis one month after getting married. MS is a chronic, progressive autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. After years of ER visits, she finally met a doctor who wants her to go through a detox therapy session because she is on 25 prescription medications for the pain and suffering of MS.

The night before she goes to the detox unit, she is talking to Mbali Creazzo, who used to be their nextdoor neighbor. Mbali worked at the Institute for Health and Healing at California Pacific Hospital, where she was one of the innovative healers who help guide and shape the programs at the institute, which marry Western medicine with various forms of alternative medicine.

Mbali suggested to her to give away 29 gifts in 29 days, stating it would shift her energy for life.

After the detox, she takes Mbali's advice and starts giving away gifts. She is amazed at what she learns about herself.

"If I wash the dishes because I'm supposed to or make suggestions to a client because I must, I am in a very different mind set and actually end up feeling resentful. When I'm approaching everything as a gift, my heart feels open and it's easier to enjoy my day, my life. Smiles are much easier to come by. Giggles burst forth unexpectedly. Sometimes I find myself dancing to imaginary music in my head.

"It's just not possible to have positive interactions with people if your mind is stuck in a negative place.

"One year ago I was in too much pain to allow love to be a part of my life."

One day, Cami gave a gift to her husband.

"You can have control of the remote tonight. We'll watch anything you want."

She then says to herself how good it feels to release control of things, even little things like this. "Digging in my heels just keeps me rooted to the spot."

"Today I see my inter-dependence with other people and with God as a source of power in my life. For most of my life, I saw this sort of dependence as a liability and believed firmly that I must stand on my own two feet. I felt certain it was not wise to rely on anyone but myself. Breaking down that belief to acknowledge the presence of God and my need for other human beings in my life has left me with a new sense of freedom and independence of spirit. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.'

"I pray and spend at least a few minutes in meditative reflection each day. I give at least one gift to another person whose path I'm blessed to cross, and I say thank you as many times as I can."

Cami's book was certainly an inspiration to me. I plan to start my 29 days soon. Let me know if you read the book and start your 29 days.

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