Man struck by SUV on Philema

Photo by Avan Clark

Photo by Avan Clark

ALBANY .265-- A man died after being struck by an oncoming SUV on Philema Road shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday, according to local law enforcement officers.

The victim was Henry Walter Martin, 80, of 1799 Philema Road, said Chief Don Cheek, Dougherty County Police Department.

"This looks like it was just an unavoidable tragic accident," Cheek said. "The truck was parked in the lane. He was out of his truck and there was no indication (to other drivers) that the truck had stopped. The truck was running, the brake was set and there were no flashers or lights on."

A white Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV traveling in the inner eastbound lane of Philema Road a little more than a mile from the Jefferson Street intersection hit Martin as he stood next to his 2004 green Ford Ranger, Cheek said.

There was no indication of alcohol involved in the crash with Martin or the driver of the Grand Cherokee. Cheek did not immediately release the name of the driver. The investigation continues, but Cheek said he doubts there will be any charges filed.

Martin apparently was walking behind his truck and also walking back and forth along the side of the truck in the outer eastbound lane when he was hit, Cheek said.

The truck remained parked in the eastbound lane with crash-evidence paint marking where it sat at the time of the crash. Near the rear wheel of the truck was a pair of sneakers. Near the sneakers on the asphalt ahead of the front hood sat a tan baseball cap.

Martin's body was removed around 6:05 p.m., wreckers came for the truck and the white Grand Cherokee SUV. The Albany Fire Department began hosing down the asphalt.

Traffic was delayed in both directions while police and emergency crews were at the scene.