Rumors wrong about Sonny's

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

We speculate here, from time to time, about businesses that may be coming to metro Albany. Sometimes we're correct, and sometimes we're wrong.

But what I never try to speculate about is the potential closing of a business.

Speculation that someone is closing can do a lot of harm to a business.

Reynolds Horton knows what I'm talking about.

Horton, who operates Sonny's Bar-B-Q in Albany, Thomasville, Dublin and Statesboro, says a rumor has been circulating that Sonny's in Albany is closing its store on Slappey Boulevard.

Not even close to the truth, he says.

"We are doing too good to even think about closing or moving to a new location in Albany," Horton said. "Although Slappey Boulevard may no longer be the No. 1 destination drive, it is still doing very good for us and traffic is still strong."

Horton says the closing talk continues on the street and that he's still receiving about two calls per day about the so-called closing.

Horton says Sonny's here employs about 30 people and "a rumor like this could hurt a business to the point that it could cost jobs."

So, I'm doing my part to let you know the main man at Sonny's says he's here, he's doing just fine and he's staying busy enough to keep 30 employees busy.

REAL ESTATE TREND: The foreclosure rate in metro Albany increased in January, according to First American Core Logic, which tracks such transactions.

Metro Albany's foreclosure rate on outstanding mortgage loans is 1.36 percent for January, up over the 0.71 percent in January 2009.

The mortgage delinquency rate at 90 days or more here is 6 percent. That rate for January 2009 was 4.14 percent.

The national mortgage foreclosure rate in January was 3.19 percent, well above the metro Albany rate.

TURNER EXPANDING: Turner Furniture Co, which has been doing business in Southwest Georgia since 1915, is expanding.

Turner announced this past week that it will add two new stores between Thomasville and Tallahassee, Fla. The move will not impact the number of jobs in Albany, but it is expected to add as many as 10 jobs to the company's distribution center in Tifton.

WORKSHOP IN TIFTON: Area businesses looking to grow their revenue and improve customer relationships may want to check out a workshop in Tifton Wednesday.

Speaker at the workshop will be Curt Clinkinbeard, author and developer of Customer Pillars' program.

Kathy Tedrick of the University of Georgia SBDC here says those attending will be instructed on how to produce more profits by thinking and running their businesses like a marketing guru.

The workshop will be at the Tifton-Tift County Chamber of Commerce from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Call the Albany SBDC at (229) 420-1144 for more information.

CAR LOANS: Automotive News, a leading publication for the automobile industry, recently published a story which says the car lending drought has ended and the average Joe can once again get a car loan.

The auto officials quoted in the story says lenders are approving more car loans for two specific reasons.

First, credit markets have opened again.

And, customers have paid off more of their debt and arrive at the dealerships with down payments, which improve their chances.

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