Infant left in locked vehicle at mall

ALBANY -- A man was arrested Sunday afternoon after leaving a 3-month-old child in a locked car outside of the Albany Mall for approximately an hour, Albany Police Department Spokesperson Phyllis Banks said.

William Tennerson, 22, was charged with reckless conduct and transported to the Dougherty County Jail after police identified Tennerson as the driver of the white Pontiac Bonneville the child was locked in.

The infant boy was found by security from the Albany Mall when they were told that a child was locked in the car outside in the parking lot.

According to police reports, security guards found the vehicle in the parking lot with the infant locked inside and asleep with the windows rolled up.

"We were contacted by mall security around 4:30 in the afternoon and an officer was dispatched out there," said Banks.

The officer was able to gain entry to the locked vehicle and remove the infant from the the car. Mall security then made an announcement on the mall intercom for Tennerson to come to his vehicle.

Banks said the infant was in the vehicle for approximately an hour.

When interviewed by police, Tennerson said he had come to the mall to do some shopping and was aware that the baby was inside the vehicle. He told officers he found nothing wrong with leaving an infant sleeping inside a locked vehicle with the windows up because he was only going to be gone for a short period of time.

Officers arrested Tennerson in the parking lot of the mall and contacted the infant's mother, Lashonda Robertson.

According to reports, Robertson was hysterical when she exited her vehicle at the mall to pick up her son.

"The mother had given her boyfriend (Tennerson) permission to watch the child," said Banks.

EMS checked the infant for any signs of injuries and released him back to Robertson. The infant was reported to be in good condition.

Banks said the investigation has been forwarded to the Department of Child and Family Services.