Stop the Violence offers training

ALBANY -- The Stop the Violence Movement needs volunteers to help youth break the cycle of violence raging in Albany, city and organization officials said.

"We need to get the problem on the front end and stop the violence before it begins," Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta said in an update. "Stop the violence volunteers have embraced the vision of protecting our youth and helping them escape the cycle of violence that surrounds them."

With 120 convicted felons in Dougherty County Jail because prisons are full and 400 arrests made by the Albany Police Department gang unit, Marietta said that crime continues to fester in the city. An alternative for youth must be found he said.

"What can you do? Sponsor a youth basketball team. Join with Commissioners (Christopher) Pike, myself and other leadership instructors and offer a leadership component," Marietta added. "Just volunteer in some capacity in mentoring, education, entrepreneurship, health, parenting, spiritual needs or other capacities."

The organization offers free training at 7:30 p.m. today at 529 10th Ave. in the Gethsemane Worship Center.