On the Job - Steven Belk

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

Q. If you were a young adult fresh out of college, what would you do first in searching for a job?

A. Fully take advantage of the college career office, Google for jobs and tap the resources of fraternity brothers and community resources.

Q. What was the first thing you spent money on when you received your first ever paycheck?

A. Purchased my mother a gift.

Q. What's the single most effective technique you found over the past two years for keeping employees motivated?

A. Acknowledge their efforts and communicate regularly.

Q. What was your first job and what did it pay?

A. CETA Employee, can't recall the pay.

Q. Do you have a role model or mentor in your career? If so, who, and discuss why?

A. My grandmother and mother are role models and Dr. John Culbreath, a mentor in my career. My grandmother and mother were good honest women. They demonstrated core values (hard work, integrity, commitment and loyalty) on a consistent basis. Never complained about being economically/socially challenged. They made do with what they had. Dr. Culbreath is a leader and he lead by principles and held people accountable. His ability to listen to the frontline staff and students benefitted him the most -- a trait which is often omitted by leaders.

Q. If you could turn the clock back on one aspect of technology - examples e-mail, automated phone systems, cell phones, PDAs, etc. - what would you most like to see go away?

A. I'm a simple guy, I only focus and use the technology I need. I wouldn't want to see it removed because we would not be able to connect or communicate to the world.

Q. What is your favorite work-related gadget?

A. Blackberry.

Q. I'm up and at'm by ...

A. 6 a.m., working out at the YMCA.

Q. What is your favorite hobby or activity outside work?

A. Observing track and field and coaching AAU basketball.

Q. If you could take back one business decision you made in your career, what would it be?

A. Negotiating my first center director contract.

Q. What is the best thing about your job?

A. Students.

Q. What is the worst thing about your job.

A. Staff not moving with a sense of urgency.

Q. What was the most beneficial course you took in school?

A. Business statistics.

Q. What would be your dream job if you were able to pick a position outside your current career path?

A. Running my own sports agent business.

Q. Finish this thought; "On the first anniversary of my retirement, I see myself. ..."

A. Romancing life.

Q. What is the one trait a strong business leader cannot afford to be without?

A. Ability to communicate.

Q. What's the biggest thing Albany/Dougherty County could do to make it more business friendly?

A. Hire from within. There are suitable and qualified local residents.

Q. Crystal ball time: What's your call on when the economic recovery for our area will be in full swing?

A. Not sure, but we must focus on the topic of education. Solid businesses are drawn to communities where education is strong and competitive

Q. What kind of music might I find on your Ipod most played list?

A. R&B, gospel, classical and jazz.

Q. As a child, when folks asked you what you were going to be when you grew up, what was your most frequent answer?

A. As a child, pro running back.

Q. How do you reduce work-related stress?

A. Delegate.

Q. What do you think is the biggest change Albany will see in the next 10 years?

A. Albany realizing and identifying Job Corps as an asset. Best kept secret in Albany.

Q. What was the best vacation you've ever taken?

A. Toronto, Canada. It was my daughter's first trip to Canada and she was amazed at the beauty of the city and the number of events geared toward her age group.