Snickers marathon tops list of qualifiers

ALBANY -- So far for 2010, Albany's Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon tops a major trade Web site's list of races where runners are "most likely to qualify" for the prestigious Boston Marathon.

MarathonGuide.com currently lists the Snickers Marathon as the race with the highest number of qualifiers with 22 percent of finishers qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

When compared to the full calendar year of races last year, that 22 percent would put the Albany race in roughly the top 50 percent of major races in the U.S. and Canada that are qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.

"It's a big deal for us because its another level of exposure," Rashelle Beasley, the manager of the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau, said. "When runners look at that site and see that we're at top of the list, its often enough to get them to come and participate."

This year's races -- the full and half marathons -- included 1,162 runners with an additional 418 running in Iraq in a simultaneous shadow marathon.

According to MarathonGuide.com, the percentage helps runners gauge how "fast" a course is, and will often promote participation in the faster races.

To see photos of the Snickers Marathon Energy Bar races, go to http://albanyherald.mycapture.com and click on the album.