'Case Study' has astounding results already

Hello Albany. I would like to start off by thanking you for all of the great e-mails that I received last week. It is good to know that this column has begun taking on a life of its own and more importantly, you the reader are getting some benefit from it.

As promised, this week's column is to bring you up to speed on the "Case Study" participants. It has now been only 60 days and already the results have been astounding. Now, keep in mind that the idea behind this whole thing was to pick average, everyday people, get them involved in a fitness program that included a healthy diet and see what happened.

Almost like the "Real World" reality show that you see on television, just without all the sex and bad language. Well, I can't say that is totally true; Lynda does feel the need to tell me just what she thinks of me on a day to day basis.

On that note, Lynda Miller- The moment I met Lynda I thought to myself, "this chick will not be here long." I could not have been more mistaken. As stated in previous columns, Lynda is one tough broad. She makes it a point to get in a workout four to five days a week and makes good use of her time here. At the 60-day mark, Lynda has lost 17 pounds and 7 percent body fat.

Ex Softball slugger Curt Gleaton is well on his way to getting back on the diamond in the next month. Curt is getting super strong, super fast. Along with his new found strength and rebirth of his work ethic in the gym, Curt has lost right at 17 pounds and 8.3 percent body fat in the past 60 days.

Shannon Bryan has gotten so comfortable with her new exercise lifestyle that she leaves her car in the parking lot when she goes out of town for the day, just so she can make her afternoon workouts. Up to this point, Shannon has lost 18 pounds and 7.2 percent body fat.

Shane Williams has made changes that not even I could foresee. When Shane entered the doors here at World Camp, he was quiet and to himself. Although he remains reserved for the most part, Shane is a box jumping, push up loving, Kettle Bell swinging animal. I can remember after his first workout here Shane saying, "This is hard, but I need it." At the 60-day mark, Shane has lost 16 pounds and 7.1 percent body fat.

I know that you have all heard the phrase "The early bird gets the worm." Well, Lora Widman is one early bird. Lora has found the 6:30 hour to be best for her to get her workout in. Along with everyone else in this case study, Lora has a full time job and must find that comfortable medium between exercise and life. Up to this point Lora has lost only 2 pounds however, she is down 4.5 percent body fat.

Last but certainly not least, Derrick Williams. I have seen Derrick evolve over the last 60 days in more way than I can describe. He is not only getting in his workouts five days a week, Derrick is a caveman. Limiting his diet to lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds; Derrick has lost 42 pounds and 10.6 percent body fat in the last 60 days. In order to workout as hard as he does and constantly improve his performance, Derrick must eat well. I can assure you that he is not eating less, just eating better, cleaner, leaner.

With the results as astounding as they are, it should come to no surprise that I am going to keep all six in the program for its three-month duration. I applaud all of their hard work but more importantly, their time management.

As previously stated, all six have full time jobs and busy schedules but still find time to take out one hour a day for themselves. They will be the first to tell you that anyone can get these results; you just have to commit yourself. I will sum up all three months of the "Case Study" in a future column complete with the written testimonies of the contestants.

Thank you Albany for allowing me to do what I do and as always, thanks for reading The Herald!