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'Possum' puts on a show

ALBANY -- Country music legend George Jones did not disappoint the crowd that gathered at the Albany Civic Center Saturday night to watch the Possum put on a show.

Fans of all ages lined the seats to watch Jones perform some of his chart toppers -- "Why Baby Why" and "White Lightning" -- were among the crowd's favorites of the night, with roaring applause competing against Jones before he even crooned the last notes of each.

Before performing "Choices", Jones warned the crowd that most of the night's songs were going to be about drinking and cheating -- subjects, he said, were not discussed in today's contemporary country music.

During the song, a large video screen displayed pictures of venues where Jones had canceled and film of the country singer's arrest which occurred during the time Jones drank heavily, which eventually earned him the nickname "No Show Jones".

Jones joked with the crowd about his past and his age throughout the night.

Before performing "Race is On", Jones quipped, "You'd think that as you got older they'd let you slow the fast ones down."

The 79-year-old proved he could still entertain a crowd while performing "The One I Loved Back Then" (The Corvette Song). Jones' hammed it up with hands on his hips and ever-so-subtle shimmies.

The night continued on with performances of "Whose Gonna Feel Their Shoes" which was dedicated to the memory to many of Jones' friends such as Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard.

Jones' performance of Grammy award winning "He Stopped Loving Her" ended with a standing ovation from the crowd and a heartfelt thank-you from Jones.

The Possum proved that he indeed still "got Neon in my veins" during the night's final performance of "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair" which saw Jones working the crowd and stage with an energy that belied the country legend's age.