Monday wreck sends family to hospital

ALBANY -- Jason Mashburn, 34, was arrested Monday night after receiving treatment from injuries he and five other people sustained after Mashburn slammed into the back of another vehicle while speeding.

Lt. M.J. Wood of the Dougherty County Police Department said around 6:30 Monday evening Mashburn was traveling South along Philema Road when his Honda Accord collided into the back of white Chevrolet Silverado that was traveling in front of him.

"The collision caused the truck to hit the west shoulder and then travel across all four lanes of traffic and run up on the east shoulder and hit a road sign," said the officer.

Dougherty County Police said Mashburn was traveling with his wife and three of the couple's children were in the back seat unrestrained.

Wood said the children were four, seven and nine-years-old and none of the children were wearing safety belts.

"They all had injuries in the car and the children's injuries were safety restraint related. It (the injuries to the children) could have been prevented if they were wearing them (safety restraints)," he said.

Officers said the Honda Accord received a significant amount of damage and Mashburn and his family as well as a passenger in the Silverado were all treated for injuries sustained during the collision at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

None of the injuries sustained were life-threatening.

Mashburn has been charged with following too closely, driving too fast for conditions and three child restraint violations. The driver was also arrested by police for an active warrant for contempt of court and transported to the Dougherty County Jail.